WJMC Day 4

The highlight of my fourth day at WJMC was definitely Carol Guzy’s presentation. Her words and her pictures just melted my heart. She said something along the lines of “I believe in raw honesty…” her saying that meant so much to me. Almost everyone in the room was either sobbing at her presentation or trying immensely not to cry. We also listened to Sonya Ross speak, she brought up a lot of people I didn’t know  much about and it encouraged me to  look up some of these people. Lastly, I thought the college admissions talk was super helpful and made me less stressed about applying to colleges throughout my senior year. Below is a slideshow with pictures of Soyna Ross and Carol Guzy. Also, the fifth picture is a picture I took trying to capture two students from my color group crying at Carol’s presentation but they started laughing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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